Welcome Statement

We welcome you to our new website and to this Wesleyan family. We appreciate the fact that you have taken the time to seek us out. So now that you are here, let us get to the first thing first by introducing ourselves to you. Who are Wesleyans? Wesleyans are Christians who follow that branch of the church that is associated with the name of the famous English preacher and evangelist John Wesley. Wesley was an Anglican priest who founded the movement called Methodism. This movement later spread to the new world planting churches in most communities in the American colonies and later in the nation which became know as the United States of America.

In time, the question of slavery divided not only the American nation but the Methodist church also. When the general assembly of the Methodist Episcopal Church voted to allow its members to keep slaves, those who were vehemently opposed to the idea broke with the church and established the Wesleyan Methodist Church. While the question of slavery divided the Methodist Episcopal Church, the matter of holiness and godly living brought together many like-minded groups into the new family of believers. In 1968 the Wesleyan Methodist Church and Pilgrim Holiness Church came together to form the Wesleyan Church. Since then, we have been welcoming other groups and thousands of believers to the Wesleyan Family.
The local congregation here at 1440 Flatbush Avenue is a diverse community of believers. We represent a wide cross section of the Caribbean and Black American community here in Brooklyn. A small number of our members are French and Spanish speakers with Caribbean and Latin American roots. All are welcomed.
Our motto is To know Christ and to make Him known.
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